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Things to Do In Philadelphia

Things to Do In Philadelphia

There are many things to do in Philadelphia and one can spend ample time in knowing the history behind its best tourist attractions and spots. We have listed some of the best things to do in Philadelphia this season. Read on!

  • Liberty Bell: This bell has a long history behind its name. In 1751, William Penn asked the state authority to engrave the new bell being made for the State house with the words “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” This bell rang to call the citizens to hear the maiden reading of the Declaration of Independence and thus this bell got its name written as The Liberty Bell in the history of Philadelphia. This bell is assumed as a symbol of their fight for freedom for all Americans. You can also participate in the talks discussing the history of the bell and widen your knowledge regarding Liberty Bell.

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art: This thing to do will be a pleasure for all museum lovers. The second tourist attraction at Philadelphia is its Museum Of Art. This museum has more than 200 galleries filled with treasures straddling continents and cultures, drawn from an assortment of more than 400,000 works of art. The colossal stone construction of the museum, supported by majestic Doric columns, looks over the Schuylkill River. Feast at the Museum Restaurant or amble in to Fairmount Park, just behind the museum.

  • Philadelphia Zoo: The next thing to do we discuss is the Philadelphia Zoo and it is one of its kind and the oldest zoo in America. Established in early 1800s, today this wonderful zoo is home to about 2,000 creatures, including all the big and small creatures in the food chain. Visitors love to spend time with some of the rarest animals around the world, especially the white lions, pandas, polar bears and the country's only giant river otters. This zoo also forma a great family spot where the complete family haves fun. You can indulge in this thing to do with a very nominally priced entry ticket.

  • Lord & Taylor Holiday Light Show: Philadelphia offers this thing to do to the visitors who are multi media fans. Formerly this show was held at Wanamaker’s and lately it is held at Lord  & Taylor’s. It has been entertaining visitors since 1956 with dancing water fountains, organ music, lights, moving figures and narrative present a Christmas story that no one remembers later, but they love to watch it.  Children sit on the floor of the Grand Court and watch the story being performed on the huge velvet curtain of the grand court entrance. You will be glad to know that admission to this tourist spot is absolutely free!

  • Independence Hall: Make sure you plan a visit to Independence Hall, known as the source of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, Independence Hall is one of the most decipherable historical landmarks not only in Philadelphia, but in the whole country. Located in the periphery of 45 acre Independence National Historical Park which has twenty other historical buildings, this hall makes its name among the best tourist attraction inside the park. The Liberty Bell is also located nearby. So you can cover two things to do in one go.

  • Rittenhouse Square: The place is well known for skateboarders, sunbathers and dog walkers during the day time and romantic walks during the night time. Enjoy a romantic stroll with your souse in the Rittenhouse Square, while your kids can skateboard and enjoy their time. The natural haven of charming trees and green grass is encircled by one of the city's most modish eating, shopping and residential districts. This spot is an idyllic place to take refuge from contemporary disturbances. When you are in Rittenhouse Square, you are at the most calm place in Philadelphia.

  • Salon L'Etoile: When you are out for a holiday to Philadelphia you deserve a day at the Salon L'Etoile, one of the best salons visited by tourist and locals as well. You can get a makeover done before you end your vacation at Philadelphia. This salon offers the best expert service for every king of beauty treatment. They give you beauty treatments including hair cuts, coloring and perms, shampoo/style, scalp massage, paraffin manicure and pedicure and a gourmet lunch. Relax and enjoy a manicure or pedicure. The service provided by this elite beauty salon is both for male and female.

Philadelphia City Guide
  • United States Mint: This is an absolutely amazing thing to do in Philadelphia that too free of cost. It is the most interesting thing to do to watch the currency making process at the US mint. It is completely mechanized process which is made visible to the visitors from an enclosed gallery designed to accommodate 2,500 visitors an hour. The sightseer can tour the mint themselves, supported by audio-visual material, and even take the 45-minute guided tour. A sales area is situated in the lobby, where guests may purchase remembrance mementos for themselves and their friends. .

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